Indian food menu list

Food is one of the most important aspects of weddings. Are weddings even complete without lip smacking food? And most importantly the food in your weddings must be delicious and sumptuous too.

Indian food makes the best wedding food because of different variations and the flavours. Each state in India has it’s own flavour and an array special dishes. For example Rajasthan is famous for it’s spicy and flavourful cuisine These are a few drool worthy food suggestions to make your weddings even more memorable!

1.Beverages – if you are marrying in scorching sun, it’s important for you to keep your guests cool by adding beverages to the menu. You can add the following beverages.
Iced tea
Aam panna
nimbu pani
Different fruit juices

2.Indian chat – Indian chat makes a good starter in the wedding menu. You can add these lipsmacking dishes –
Pani puri
Dahi bhalla
Ragda pattice
Sev puri
Aloo tikki
Samosa chaat

3.Finger foods – The best food items for messy eaters are finger foods. They are easy to easy and delicious at the same time.
French fries
Tokri chaat
Paneer chilli
Mushroom rolls

4.For your health conscious guests what could be the better start than wholesome salads? Here are some scrumptious salad ideas –
Sprouted moog salad
Apple cucumber salad
Sprouted mixed cereal salad
Cheese and garlic salad
Fruit salad
Beans salad

5.Warm soup ideas for those winter weddings –
Cream and onion soup
Tomato soup
Pepper mushroom soup
Lemon and coriander soup
Hot n sour soup
Spinach and corn soup

6.Snacks are an integral part of the menu –
Veg manchurian
Veg kebab
Coin parota
Honey potato
Various tikkas
Fried rice

7.Some side dishes that are too delicious to resist
Mint chutney
Imli chutney

8.Dry veggies to add a nutritive factor to the menu –
Paneer masala
Stuffed bhindi
Veg makhani
Mixed veg
Jeera aloo
Methi aloo
Matar paneer

9.Some gravys and curries to add the spice –
Malai kofta
Paneer lababdar
Sarson ka saag
Kashmiri dum aloo
Amritsari paneer tikka
Dahiwale aloo
Goan vegetable curry
Khumb do pyaza
Daal tadka
Chana daal
Everyone’s favorite chhole

10.Rotis and flatbreads. Because no meal is complete without them
Various types of naans

11.Some flavourful raitas to add a zing –
Pineapple raita
Boondi raita
Mixed vegetable raita
Mint raita
Cucumber raita
Fruit raita
Masala raita
Plain curd

12.Now comes the most favorite part of the clan which is, Desserts! It’s a crime if you say you don’t love desserts. So add them to your wedding menu without hesitation –
Gulab jamun
Ice cream
Various halwas
Faluda kulfi

13.Paan. Yes. Because it’s an Indian wedding
Maghai paan
Saada paan
Chocolate paan
Gold paan
Meetha paan
Rasmalai Paan
Bangla paan

The Wedding menu holds a lot of importance in Indian weddings. We at Wingmen curate the whole menu for you. We are wedding planners based in Adyar, Chennai. If you’re looking for someone who you can rely completely on to handle your wedding festivities, Then contact us now.

How did you like these different dishes from Indian cuisine to add to your wedding menu?
Are you ready to add these to your big fat Indian wedding? Let us know in the comments box below.

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