Wedding photography poses ideas

Once-in-a-lifetime moments such as weddings call for a cinematic photoshoot where couples try their best to collect as many happy moments as possible. They like to hire the best photographers in town so they can relive these moments again and again through photographs. Lots of photographers assist couples to pose for a camera. Knowing how to pose for wedding photos help the couple to look picture-perfect. Here we have tried to present some pose ideas for you that can make your photoshoot unique and beautiful too.

Natural poses –

Sometimes couples try to fake a candid but the camera lens is too smart to capture that moment. Best photographs are taken when couples look natural and behave the same way as they do with each other. It looks very effortless and more beautiful than candid clicks. 

  1. Crack a joke or think about that one funny moment between just the two of you. A laugh-out-loud moment can inspire amazing clicks. Remember those moments when your partner failed miserably while trying to impress you. Precious moments like these can spark a bubble of laughter and a sheepish smile at the same time from the couple. 
  2. Recite romantic poetry or say a line or two to make your partner smile shyly. Just keep going, the photographer will tell you if you don’t look good. Tricks like a little pinch on the arm or looking straight in the eyes for a few seconds work a charm. 
  3. If you want to add a pinch of wit to your wedding pictures, try to strike funny poses with your partner. 
  4. Don’t keep your body posture too rigid – keep your arms away from your body. Keep them relaxed. 

Wedding pose mistakes to avoid – 

The worst part of the wedding photography is when a couple tries to look natural but end up looking very stiff and unnatural. 

The best solution to avoid this is to pretend that the bevy of photographers is not there around the couple. Be in your own sphere and act very naturally. It is tough to do sometimes but you can pull it off for just an event, right?

  1. Fast movements – Any pose that you’re striking, do it at a slower pace for great photos. If you’re walking down a path, tread slowly. 
  2. Practicing the poses – Don’t practice too much as it can lead to overthinking. And also too many practiced smiles can look forced. 
  3. Not communicating your likes and dislikes to the photographer – Be open and clear about your preferences to your photographer. If you want to add a certain pose or any insecurities you have regarding some, you can be vocal about it. 

Here are some popular ideas to click those precious moments in your wedding 

  1. Wedding dress – People wait for their entire lives to wear those perfect wedding dress. From white gown with a 6 feet veil to a jewel encrusted lehengas, brides love their dresses. Try to capture those precious moments where brides admire their outfits of the day. 
  2. Groom’s day – It is a day when the groom is going to take a big step in his life and that too a responsible one. Try to get clicks when the groom is getting all ready to take on this new responsibility all too excitedly. Capture moments when the groom is buttoning up his shirt and wearing his shoes. 

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