Wedding stage decoration ideas

Decoration is no more confined to the cinched drape and the hanging garlands of flowers. It has surpassed it a long time ago. If you are looking for some unique stage decoration ideas to suggest to your wedding planner or you want to execute them on your own, then this blog is what you need. Here are the 5 fresh stage decoration ideas for you.

  1. A classic white drapes with a floral setting

A stage backdrop decorated with florals and white drapes. A traditional sofa with wooden frame at the centre adds a charm to the entire stage. Simple yet elegant style of such wedding gives off soothing vibes. 

  1.  A western style arch florals

A simple arch decorated with mutihued florals with white drape across the platform give a unique charm to the overall setting. Accompanied with ottoman style plush white sofa to give it a luxurious feel. It gives the vibes of simple yet elegant style. 

  1. A peach setting with good old white florals

What can beat a good peach coloured drapes perfectly hanging from the pillars and the flowy florals on it accented by foliage. A good lighting can amp up the charm of the whole place. 

Chairs and tables can be draped with white and golden colored fabric to give a royal touch to the setting. A vintage brass white sofa would look the best to the stage backdrop.

  1. A pink and gold multihued floral setting straight out of fairy tale

A glittering four pillared mandap like theme to the stage with pink and white drapes. The middle section of the stage can be decorated with netted fabric and the flowers stitched to it. A good amount of lighting can give stage a magical look. 

  1. A hot pink backdrop and contrasting yellow floral garlands

Gibe a vibrant feel to your wedding with a hot pink background and decorated with dazzling yellow flower garlands hanging in straight lines. An arch full of white and pink flowers to set the tone for the evening. Simple yet fancy this simple stage decorating idea is a must. 

We all have different tastes when it comes to decorations. Also we all imagine a different style of weddings. Some like it simple , some like it a little bit extra. But the ultimate aim of decoration is making the space beautiful and appealing. Whether we use bright hues or the faint ones. That can vary with person to person. We the wingmen are the best wedding planners in Adyar, Chennai. We make your events fabulous with our creative team.

The wingmen while deciding on the decoration ideas, first choose to understand the client’s taste and a little more about their dream wedding set-up. We help make your dream weddings come true. You can check out our past events on our Instagram feed. 

If you are looking for the best stage decoration ideas for your next event, you should check out our website for amazing inspo ideas. 

How did you find these wedding stage decoration ideas? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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