Birthday Party theme ideas

Here comes the day of joy…

Here comes the day of fun and excitement, the day of amazing gifts and the day to go crazy with your friends and family…

Yes you guessed it right its your birthday!!!

For us birthdays are not just the way to party, but it is a way to reconnect with your friends or a reason to bunk those lectures and make memories or to go on a date with your wife/husband or to bring giggles on your li’l ones face and so much more.

You must definitely go crazy over birthdays, and we mean why not, it doesn’t matter if it’s your 13th birthday or 30th, all the years have special reasons to celebrate.

So, celebrate the day with the things you love and with the people you love.

Remember age is just a number, so it doesn’t matter if it’s your golden jubilee or your kid just turned 5, it has to be grand!

So, we decided to sum up some fun and exciting themes for your and your loved ones birthday celebrations which can help you make your day extremely unique and fun.

Let’s begin…

Birthday Party theme ideas for boys –

It’s your little wonders birthday and surely you would want to make it extravagant, isn’t it?

The first thing to remember is start the birthday party planning by deciding the theme. 

As theme is the centre to all other things, like what will be the attire, what kind of food to keep, when should the party be, where should the party be and more.

Hence deciding on the theme first is very important. Here are some fun theme ideas for your boy –

  1. Super hero theme –

We have designed so many super hero theme party till date and trust us this is every li’l prince’s fav theme party. Boys love super heroes and it totally gets super exciting to make this dream a reality for them. Some of the best super hero themes are – super man theme, spider man theme, iron man theme, Batman theme, marvels avengers theme and more.

Dress up your kid as his fav super hero and bring the action to life.

  1. Cars theme –

When we talk about a boy’s b’day party cars can never be left out. Cars are like the closest things to a boy, aren’t they? I bet your boy has great car collection, haha!

Sports car or racing car or super cars theme is also great for boys.

You can make all decorations related to race track and cars, even the cake can be of car shape and the costumes can be similar to that of racers and more.

  1. Cartoon theme –

Chota bheem or other cartoon hero has been really trending in the cartoon theme. And boys go crazy over it, they love having them on their special day.

There are geat decor options available for this theme and even cakes, pastries are remarkably crafted. This theme is definitely a go go if your kid is into cartoons.

  1. Games theme –

Indian boys are crazy for cricket, aren’t they or may be even football or basket ball. You can pick a game theme based on what’s your li’l munchkin’s fav sport and build an entire theme around it.

You can add balloons in the shape of football or get a cake as bat or more and have a sporty blast!

  1. Harry Potter theme – 

Who doesn’t like a little magic?  Harry potter is like every child’s dream. It was ours too, won’t lie, haha. Harry porter is a fantastic theme to bring to life. Add a little magic to your kid’s birthday. Use some magical decor elements. Dress up your kid like the main character or any of his fav character from Harry potter series.

Trust us this one can be super cool!

  1. Pirates theme – 

Aye aye captain. It’s time for an oceanic journey with the pirates of the city, haha! Pirates theme is also a great one. Dress your li’l guy as a pirate and you can add cardboard ships and water waves in your decor.

The colour theme can be brown white and blue representing the pirates and water, you can keep games like treasure hunt and have trunk boxes on rent as a part of the decor.

Birthday Party theme ideas for girls –

This is the time for your li’l princess to shine…

I am sure all daddys must be excited to read this one, as a daddy can’t keep calm for his li’l girl’s big day, now can he??

Is your cute girl’s birthday on its way?

Here are some cute birthday theme ideas for her  –

  1. Princess theme –

We know you already treat her like a princess.. But now it’s time to bring it to life. Dress her like a princess in a cute royal gown and a cute li’l tiara and some fancy shoes with royal arrangements and fancy decor.

You can have a theme like a palace and take it a notch up. Rest the colour theme can be pink or whichever colour is her favourite.

  1. Animals theme – 

You can create an atmosphere of a zoo and have cute animal toys hanging around. You can also dress up kids like different animals and keep quiz on it and play games around it. Your cake can be of jungle theme and the decor can also look like a jungle safari.

You can dress your girl as her favourite animal and make her feel wow!

  1. Barbie theme – 

I don’t think we need to even elaborate this point. The relation of a girl and her barbie doll is unbreakable, they just can’t stay apart and we are sure her dolls collection is ahh not even countable.. haha..

So, a barbie theme party can be the best one if your kid is into dolls. Dress her up like a li’l doll and have a barbie theme party.

  1. Mermaid theme –

Who doesn’t love a little fantasy…. and mermaids always ace it for girls. You can have a fun water theme party and dress your girl like a mermaid and have cake in the form of fish or some marine life. 

The decors can be of blue and green colour giving an oceanic feel and vibes.

This theme is extremely unique and super fun to do!

  1. Fancy dress theme –

This can go crazy, let us tell you. If you want to go beyond and make mix and match some themes together have a fancy dress party, where anyone can dress up like anyone and there can be a blast of colours and ideas.

You can plan some fun games around it and offer exciting prizes to the winners, while keeping the decor light and simple.

  1. Ballerina theme –

Dress your cutie pie as a ballerina, with a cute pink dress and the belle shoes. You can add some pink and purple decor ideas and keep the colour of cake and everything in the same shade and add balloons, frills and more of same shade to the decor.

You can also use different props related to the theme and arrange some dance party.

Birthday Party theme ideas for adults – 

Well, we haven’t forgotten you, birthday parties are for you too!

There are amazing themes that you too can explore and make your big day bigger…

Amaze your friends this time by adding some fantastic theme to your birthday party, it’s time to go wild!!!

Here are some extraordinary birthday theme ideas for you –

  1. Disco theme –

This theme is fabulous for dance lovers. Disco is one of the most energetic dance forms, ain’t it? 

You can add amazing disco lights to your decor and have the disco decor floor sheets to dance on. You can dress up like disco dancers and get all glittering.

Don’t forget to have a disco playlist ready for the big dance.

  1. Masquerade theme –

If you want to go back to the era of Cinderella or the era of Royals, a sophisticated ball gown party with theme of masquerade can bring great vintage vibes.

If you are someone who loves vintage and old stuff, this is surely your theme.

Get your royal gowns ready, it’s time to take it a notch-up.

  1. Wedding theme – 

Okay, this one might sound weird.. But it has kind of taken a trend. Wedding theme party can also be a style to celebrate birthdays to add a little traditional touch. Get your best traditional attires on and rock it off.

If you are totally traditional by heart this is your theme for sure.

  1. Beach theme – 

You can have an amazing beach theme party, where you can add decors like coconuts, surf board, get in some sand, create waves and so much more.

You can dress up in swimming costumes or fancy hawaiian costumes with flower garlands, flower bracelets and more.

Have your goggles on, use some umbrellas and other beachy props like a beach ball. This theme is definitely perfect for your silver jubilee.

  1. Cowboy theme – 

You can place old cowboy hats on walls and doors. Change your usual light bulbs to yellow light bulbs. 

Get some hay and have horse cut outs. Dress up like a cowboy and play some games around the theme.

Don’t forget some traditional drinks and cowboy dance.

  1. Game of Thrones or Stranger Things – 

These two series have brought the world in awe with them. These are some of the best series around the world today and young blood like you is crazy about it.

You can have a theme party based on them and use decor of the elements from the series and dress up like the main characters, have their theme music playing in the background, you can also keep some quiz on the series and more.

  1. 80’s theme  –

You can bring the old back to life, as they say “Old is Gold’. You can dress up as the 80’s era and have decors similar to it.

You can have an entire playlist of famous songs of 80’s to groove on.

This is exciting and definitely gives a wave of nostalgia!

Time to reconnect to the old days with this theme.

  1. Bollywood theme – 

Dress up as your fav actor from a particular movie for this theme and you can have decors of popcorn, theatres or movie sets.

You can dress up like SRK from Om shanti Om or Rajnikanth from Robot or whichever actor you wish to be.

And how can we forget our bollywood and tollywood divas. Dress up like your fav actress and steal the spotlight.

Here were some fantastic theme ideas for you and your baby boy or baby girl.

But apart from the theme, another main aspect is to make sure you have booked the right venue based on the theme.

Decide before hand whether the venue will be indoors or outdoors, as a lot of theme decor will modify based on the venue.

Apart from the venue make sure you book a good caterer for your party. Book the venue and caterer well in advance to avoid end minute hustle.

You can aslo decide the cuisines based on the theme of your birthday party.

Most importantly have a fixed budget in place before going all in.

To make it simpler and  so that you don’t consume all your energy in planning and arranging stuff for the birthday party, it is always advisable to hire professional help.

As we (event planners) know how to arrange things quickly and make your dream birthday party happen for you.

You can leave all the hustle on birthday planners and you can enjoy your special day.

Contact us today, if you are planning a birthday party!

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