Anniversary Party decoration ideas

Anniversary celebration is just not some party, or a means to invite people and have get-togethers or a just way to have fun..

Well, it is all of the above we arent saying no, but truly it’s a celebration of love. It is a celebration of togetherness, it is a celebration of two souls in love sharing their lives together and being there for each other in all the ups and downs, good and bad.

It doesn’t matter if it is your first anniversary or 25th or 50th, celebration has to be grand, as it’s the victory of love and it’s the celebration of the years you have spend with each other.

And that’s exactly why anniversary parties are our favourite as it’s filled with love…

It can surely get extremely confusing on how should you celebrate the big day and we are sure you all must want to make it different and memorable for you, your kids and all the loved ones, isn’t it?

That’s exactly where you can come up with interesting themes and decor ideas to make your special day standout!

Various themes and decoration ideas are now possible to make the celebrations grand and unique.

So, we thought of making it a bit easy for you, so we have summed up some of the very interesting themes and anniversary party decor ideas that you can give a try this year, to make your party fanciful.

So let’s begin;

But before that an important note or you can say a pro tip here is, before deciding any theme it is always advisable to fix a budget, how much are you willing to spend on the decors and more, also you need to decide beforehand whether you will want to go for an indoor venue or outdoor venue, or want to have the party in your backyard or in the house.

As venue plays a vital role in deciding the theme of the party.

Now that other things are in place, let’s explore some fun and exciting anniversary party decoration ideas;

  1. Beach theme – If you are someone who wants to bring the feel of GOA to you, haha! We say a beach theme party can work great. You can add surfboards in your decor, have some fun coconut trees made out of cardboard as a decor and bring in real coconuts(who doesn’t love some coconut water, isn’t it? haah) and have some shacks built up to sit in and chill in, have fancy umbrellas, cool sunglasses, beach ball to play with as the props and have a fun and chilled party with drinks and food resonating with the theme. 

And how can we forget the fun attires, denim shorts, floral dress or shirt, a beach hat, bathrobe and more can be used as a part of your attire.

  1. Florals – You can go all in with a floral theme. If you are someone who loves flowers, love their smell and love to spend time in nature and love decorations made from flowers, you can go for a floral theme. Here you can use amazing garlands made from real or artificial flowers, have flower vase arranged on tables, have flower chandelier and lot more decor items made out of florals. 

Even your dresses can have some floral touch. You can also have floral tiaras and use bouquets and other props made out of real or artificial flowers.

  1. Retro theme – If you’re wild about the 70s, 80s era, you can have an amazing golden era party. You and your guests can rock bell-bottom jeans, feathered hair, long dresses, halter tops, and other iconic styles that defined fashion in the era.

           This is a geat way to relieve the golden days and if you are someone who belongs to that era then it is a great way to enjoy the journey of your adulthood, your teenage and have an awe feeling of nostalgia. You can also have decors like disco props, disco floor to dance on and more and have an awesome playlist of the famous songs from that era to groove to.

  1. Recreating your wedding day – One of the great ways to celebrate your anniversary is by recreating your wedding day. This theme is perfect if its your 5th or 25th (silver jubilee) anniversary. It can bring in all the special moments again from your wedding day and you can re-live your joyous day altogether again, this time along wih your lovely kids. Isn’t it exciting and fun?

           This theme is always full of love and deep emotional attachment, so if you want to go crazy and big, we say go with this theme.

  1. Karaoke theme / Musical theme –  If you enjoy music, you can go musical over your anniversary. You can have a karaoke party and arrange some karaoke system, while having an ambience of a music hall and dress up as your fav singers or pop artists to add the feels…  You can also add some posters of your fav singers in the decor and have different lights as major part of your decor.
  1. Carnival theme – If you are big fan of carnivals, you can bring it to life in your anniversary party theme. Carnivals are in them so exciting and full of colours, music and energy. Carnival itself is a celebration and adding that to your theme idea can make it huge. You can ad feathers, big tiaras and fancy outfits in your theme. You can also use feather bow in your decors and have interesting drink concepts and a fun party playlist.
  1. High tea theme – If you are someone who loves tea, and likes to keep it elegant and have a good get-together with friends in your day time and want some day time celebration, a tea party can be a great theme. You can arrange different types of tea with some sweets like macarons, donuts, cupcakes and more along with the tea. Your attire can be casual or elegant and decor can be simple and you can use pastel colours for the theme. If you are a simple person this theme is perfect for you.
  1. Traditional theme – This can be based upon your culture and traditions – For instance if you are a south indian, you can add banana leaves to your decor, use plant based plates, have typical south indian cuisine like idli, dosa, in the menu, dress up in your traditional outfits and keep the same dress theme for all your guests. This looks extremely subtle and truly invigorating.
  1. Game theme – Okay! now this might sound silly, haha! But think about it… won’t it be super fun and exciting to let the kid in you alive again? If you are someone who has always loved games and have extreme passion for shows related to gaming or love movies like Cars, or Space jam and more this theme is perfect for you. You can choose a sport and have the entire theme around it.

            For instance, if you love basket ball, have a basket ball court on rent, dress up like your fav basket ball player, you can also organise some fun quiz around it, have basket balls and other props for the same, or if you love cricket you can wear the costume of your fav team and so much more. You can also organise a match between two teams and have a fun sporty day.

  1.  Halloween theme – If you are someone who loves horror movies and love everything creepy and scary, halloween is the best theme for you, trust us!

You can disguise as some creepy creatures or look like a zombie, the ideas can be never ending and super fun to do.

Decors can go wild! You can hang skeletons everywhere, or have some pumpkin heads, or have scary robot toys wandering throughout the venue, you can also have Mummy themed toys and have scary make up like a blood, broken teeth, make up of like that of vampires and so much more.

You can go totally crazy with this theme.

Here are our top 10 crazy, fun and elegant anniversary theme party ideas.

But in this hustle of deciding the theme and going crazy about it, don’t forget to enjoy the time and moments with your loved ones.

Celebrate love and spend great time with your hubby/wifey. 

The best way you can bring your dream party to reality is by hiring professional help, as we understand exactly what you need, can make all the things possible have great contacts and most importantly can work in your budget.

We go beyond and above to make your special day magical for you, and rest at nothing but the best.

We do all the running so that you can enjoy your day and relax and have fun planning your party, instead of worrying about all the arrangements.

So, if you are planning to throw an extravagant anniversary party, don’t forget to contact us to make your celebrations joyous and worry-free.

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