Best wedding planners in Adyar, Chennai

Everyone loves to celebrate the most important event in their lives in a dreamy set-up! Weddings should be dreamy right? And should not involve unlimited phone calls and crosschecking guest-list! Do you want to hire a professional for your wedding in Chennai? Let’s find out how you can hire the top wedding planner in this blog

How to find the best wedding planners in Chennai

Finding a wedding planner is not difficult. But finding a perfect one surely is!

Hire the best one and make your weddings memorable.

1.1 How to find the wedding planners

1. Search ‘best wedding planners in Chennai’ on Google to get a list of wedding planners in Chennai. You can even opt for a safer option by asking anyone in your circle if they have hired a wedding planner. Make a list of all the potential companies and ask them the right questions.

2. Check their reviews on websites and social media platforms. Ask about the quality of their services to their previous clients. 

3. Book an appointment with them or call them and ask them all the essential questions to take them on board with you. Like how would they manage everything? how many people will be involved? Will they charge any extra fees for certain services?

For a more extensive questionnaire, read this blog on what questions to ask your event planner.

1.2 pre-requisites of hiring a wedding planner

1. Be clear about your budget – 

It’s important for you to set your budget to avoid any over-expenses. It also helps your wedding planner to manage everything within a fixed frame.

2. Write down your ideas – Whether you want a Yellow colored theme in your sangeet ceremony or a dance floor for a bachelorette party, write down all your ideas, to help your wedding planner create the best events for you that have your personal touch. 

3. Know the must-haves in your marriage ceremony – If you visualize a funky day wedding on a beach and a pina-colada stand nearby or an evening ceremony with lanterns everywhere, you pick your must haves! 

1.3 why should you hire a professional 

Planning any type of event is teamwork. Juggling all the tasks at the same time is not possible when it comes to big fat Indian weddings with their long list of guests and events. Hire an expert who can take this load off of you.

  1. Experts know the best – Wedding planners know the best resources and the heap of cool ideas to execute on your D-day.
  1. Managing time and money – You give your ideas and fixed sum to a person and they create the magical event for you. No hundred phone calls or driving 2 miles for customized garlands. 
  1. Enjoy the fullest by delegating the work – Hiring an expert wedding planner not only saves you a list of tasks but gives an expert touch to it. 

2.The wingmen event is the best event management company 

The Wingmen events are the Chennai-based event management company that handles various events big or small from weddings to anniversary celebrations. 

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